Here you will have a friend willing to help and listen to your problems without judgements

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Learn from wherever you wish to be at your comfort! Your learning is our responsibility

Blood Donation

Every healthy person may not have money to donate but for sure has blood to save lives

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The smaller things we ignore or are unknown to us can matter our life to live healthily

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Actions speak louder than Words!

The Trust is a not a profit organization based on its vision and mission. The trust has addressed a variety of development and empowerment programs like tutorial assistance to less empowered students, conducting classes in schools, colleges and other social gatherings. How to live?, health awareness , academic success etc with a sole purpose of enabling a person to create wealth.


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NNPC-Neighbourhood network in palliative care

In the era of advanced medical and healthcare systems, people around us still suffer. Look at the society we all live, we can find people who have given out everything and still gives out whatever they have to save themselves and their families suffering from medical conditions. On one side, other people have sacrificed their youth for families and loved ones but grew older to live alone surrounded by debts. On another side, some people do not deserve to live as physically challenged but have to live to without any question or support. There are no ends!

You know them. They are near you. Even you may be one of them. Join us to support others who are suffering because alone, we cannot achieve and reach them.

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Many people feel that they have less financial conditions to contribute to the needed in society. But what almost every people have are healthy amounts of blood in them which itself can be of use to any numbers of people. Unlike the flow of money, blood gets refilled naturally in our body within 3 to 6 months after donation.

Similarly, many are painfully looking for help to treat medical conditions. Some of the needs are little but unless they get it, it remains a needed matter.

Through a network, we wish to connect these needed people to the good-minded people who can help them. A network needs people like you. So we wish you to be a part of this.

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Everyone needs guidance at one point or another! Because we all live in a world filled with problems. And adjusting to them is not an easy task! Sometimes we all feel is to talk a person openly about the problems surrounding us. But the fear of being judged or criticized forces us to withdraw from this decision. And the problems keep on affecting you, stealing your moments of joy in life.

Here, I wish to be your guiding friend, brother or elder for your various problems of students, individuals to marriages and couple life. I have been through problems like you and have received the training to overcome them.


The time in front of you could be less before the day of final examinations or entrance examination. At this time, what you would need is a capsule version of complete portions according to the syllabus. This is the same need for all from school level to job-oriented professional entrance exams.

As someone who has an unending interest in the subject of Commerce, I find many concepts that students find hard can be made easier for them in simpler ways. This is what, our Crash Tuition Classes provides.


Conducting an event whether big or small has to cover so many tasks from inviting to thanking them. It is hence common that you might not get a night of proper sleep before the event. There are chances that you might forget to do or even assign it to someone to get it done. And the result will make your event feel less than wonderful.

Put all your tasks to our event management team and enjoy each moment of your event yourself because it is your event. Even if you miss any tasks, we as professionals will get it done for you!


Checking both tax filing and account works of an organization or even a single individual can be stressful. Moreover, there are many formalities for businesses to take care of. For small businesses managed by one or fewer members, time and effort for accounting, tax filing, finding loans can affect their daily business and other engagements.

Joining hands of professionals, we have set a self-dependent unit that can help individuals as well as small and medium businesses to manage their finance and law sections with quick and effective solutions.


Your building is your dream! Like a dream flows, the whole process of construction works should flow too without any obstruction. During construction or finding the property, there are huge chances of facing difficulties on the way. This is where you need an experienced professional who can think ahead of the problems that you will face.

Make us in charge of your dreams! Our experience with your vision can together lead you to own a beautiful building.

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