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Finding difficulty in studying?
In the age of all facilities, our children still fear examinations! This is because there is still a missing of personal attention for each kid in their studies. There is always talent in each student but it is our responsibility to find out that talent to use them in the learning process.

Love the learning from now-on!
Dedicated centres will run for children under Dr Timothy’s guidance until they are clear of all the concepts taught on the day. We focus on making your children’s foundation concepts clear. Once their foundations are clear, rest children themselves will succeed in passing out with high grades and excel in competitive examinations.

What all tuitions you can get?

English & Spoken English Classes

+1 & +2 Commerce Tuitions(Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Informatics/Mathematics, Statistics)

Undergraduate (UG) Commerce Tuitions

     –  BCom Tuitions (Accountancy, Financial Systems, Taxation, Business Management, Business Economics, Company Laws, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, IT, Marketing, Financial Economics, Auditing, Organizational Management)

     –  BBA Tuitions (Business Mathematics, Statistics, Production & Material Management, Marketing Management, Business Data Processing, Business Analytics, Micro Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Retail Management, E-Commerce)

Postgraduate (PG) Commerce Tuitions

     –  MCom Tuitions (Organisation Behaviour, Statistical Analysis, Economic Analysis, Business Environment, Marketing Management, International Business, Human Resource Management)

     –  MBA Tuitions (Entrepreneurship, HR Management, Business Planning, Finance Management, Business Laws, Taxation, Retail Management, Project Work, Economics)

Commerce Projects Assistance

Complete Competitive Exams/ Entrance Exam Coaching for all levels of

     – Chartered Accountancy (CA)

     – Company Secretary (CS)

     – Certified Management Accountant

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